Monday, April 3, 2017

Tom went coffee-less this morning before his planned stent procedure. We got to the hospital and checked him in, had his labwork done, and then he headed off for his adventure while I went to visit Patti up on the second floor. The good news is that she is feeling much better, so of course she is hoping to be able to go home today... though she is still waiting to hear if that will happen.

 I wasn't in her room more than five or ten minutes when my cell phone rang. Turns out Tom's cardiac surgeon has an emergency surgery that is going to take a LONG time, so Tom's procedure has to be post-phoned. They will call us (tomorrow?) to reschedule. So we have returned home where coffee for Tom was the first order of the moment.

Alex is packing, heading off to Country Thunder in a bit. I have some errands to run (filling my empty gas tank will be the first one) while I wait to hear if Patti will be able to return home today. If so, I will return to "living" over there. She is only in a splint now (guess they had to remove the cast when checking on the possible blood clot?) so I mightily vetoed her suggestion that she would not need help during the night. Without the protection of a cast I worry she might do additional damage getting around, and we certainly do NOT want to set back her healing!!! 

Apparently because the staff moves around to various locations in the Valley she can only have the cast replaced at 'our' TOCA on certain days - of which today is not one. "Dr." Bobbi has declared it crucial that she baby her leg until that can happen.  Patti had to admit that made sense. I know she feels guilty for needing so much help, and I have not figured out how to convince her that it is not a big deal to help out a friend in need!

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