Thursday, April 27, 2017

Aja and I enjoyed watching the current Netflix disc La La Land Tuesday evening; Tom bailed early on,  though Alex stuck it out a bit longer. She and I agreed that the second half of the movie, after the guys left, was better, and were both surprised by the "5 years later" twist at the end. I had planned to drop it off to Patti on Wednesday after she got back from her follow-up chest x-ray (she doesn't yet have the results) but she wasn't feeling well and opted to nap all afternoon.  Hope to hear she's feeling better today - AND that the x-ray shows no sign of pneumonia!

Ellen's precision piecing/points demo at Foothills Wednesday morning was quite enlightening, and I learned a LOT of great tips!  So many things I have been doing 'wrong', and (just like with her power cutting class) wish I'd known these things sooner!!! 

On the way home I picked up the book for Tom that had come in at the library (The Last Days of the Incas) and he dove right into it last night.  As usual, I got an e-mail later in the afternoon that another book (this one for me) had arrived.  I may/may not have time to read it before I leave, since I need/want to finish the (long) one I'm currently reading for Book Club, about Patsy Jefferson.

Other errands yesterday included gassing up the car, picking up a prescription, and stopping in to see Luisa and get some of those wonderful sponge files.  She's been in the hospital since I saw her last (including for pneumonia) and we hoped to catch up today or tomorrow during a pedicure.... but she texted last night that she had ended up back in the ER yesterday afternoon.

Alex was soaking his toe in the pool yesterday afternoon, and decided the water was warm enough for a swim.  He SAID it was fine, and did his best to convince me to join him in the pool.  Guess how that went? 

Last night he flew to California, where he will be working for a few days before flying to catch up with the latest tour.  Here's hoping that he IS careful, and his toe heals without further mishap!!!

I made more progress on the placemats yesterday, and today should finish them up and then be able to move on to another project.

Karl is coming to mow the front/back yards today (Summer says he's saving up for a Water World season pass) and Tom mowed the Back 40 and ditch yesterday, so we should be in fine shape for irrigation tomorrow. Now that it's heating up it's imperative that we get a good, deep watering each cycle. 

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