Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Off in a few minutes to the Busy Bee's Mexican Fiesta, but do have a few minutes to catch up a bit.

I happy to report that Patti is doing much better.  She was pretty miserable Sunday and Monday, but by yesterday afternoon all the antibiotics seem to have kicked in and are dealing with the pneumonia.  It also helped that she got a cast back on her leg yesterday, and we were able to get her showered... which always make a huge difference (right, ladies?)  She still doesn't have much of an appetite (nothing tastes good, and her sense of smell is on high alert) but hopefully that will subside soon.  I cooked dinner last night (was going to grill the salmon, but the gas tank turned out to be empty so I had to bake it) and Tom joined us.  He and I both enjoyed it, but Patti ate very little; her stomach just can't tolerate much more than some chicken soup.

My workout at the gym yesterday morning (the first one in a week) was not easy, and today I woke up a bit sore, but I assume that whill work itself out in short order.  In the afternoon I saw the chiropractor, expecting to be pretty bent-out-of-shape after four days of sewing.  (I'd originally scheduled that for Monday, but Tom's expected stent caused me to slide it over a day.  He's now scheduled for Thursday.) But possibly because I was so proactive (when my back started to talk to me I got up and walked around, or relaxed in the low-rider recliner I had brought with me, or stretched out on the bed with the heating pad) my back was in rather good shape, and I only needed minor adjustments - and left without having to make any additional appointments.

A few weeks ago, after doing some yardwork, I discovered that I'd gotten a tiny thorn in my pinkie.  Obviously I did not get all of it out because it wouldn't heal, and I could see a tiny dark speck down in there.  A week or so ago I dug at it, again thinking I'd gotten it, but after my finger swelled over the weekend and created what looked like a good-sized blister it was apparent there was still an issue.  It seemed I would have to have the doctor dig around (possibly with a local anesthetic because it was so sore) but with everything going on early this week I waited to see what my schedule looked like.  Then last night it popped on its own (I didn't even realize it until I found blood on my shirt) and emptied itself of a lot of clear (but thick) "stuff".  After that it looked better and no longer hurt, and this morning looks a whole lot better.  Problem solved?  Will just have to wait and see, but it seems likely.

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