Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Alex saw the orthopedic surgeon (at our insistence) this afternoon because yesterday's x-rays showed he broke 2 of his toes: the big one (with a strange "angle" to the break) and the toe next to it.  Turns out that he's on the cusp of needing surgery to put in a pin, but IF he's careful (and wears the 'shoe') the bones should heal on its own.  Apparently the iffy part is the tendons that are attached. 

Patti also saw the surgeon today - and got her cast off!  Judging from the photo the boot isn't much of an improvement - but at least she can take it off to shower.  She also gets to start PT right away, which is good news (though I expect that will be rough going for a while.)  She said her foot is really sore just from them taking off the tape over the stitches.

I worked more on the placemats today, and made progress, though also did some relaxing.  Now going to watch La La Land.

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