Friday, April 14, 2017

Happily irrigation went well this morning and we got a good flow; now that it's warming up we count on a deep watering. The only issue was getting bitten by ants that had built a nest under one of the baffles.

After a leg workout at the gym (I expect to feel the dividends in the next day or two) I headed over to Winco to pick up a few groceries.  In the parking lot I stopped to let a mom with two little ones cross, and got a thank-you wave from the younger one. When I came across them inside I told them how much I appreciated the thank-you, and we had a delightful chat; they reminded me of Lisa and Alex at that age. (I correctly guessed Rylan was 5, and Logan was almost 3.)

Since I only had a handful of items I headed for the self check-out lane, and asked Connie not to disappear because I would 'most likely' need her assistance. (I could see from her expression that she did not agree with my 'warning' that machines have it in for me.) Sure enough, when I put the green beans on the scanner, looked up the code, and then punched it in, I got an audio error message. Connie came over, went through the same sequence - and heard the same error message. 

After lunch I cleaned the kitchen (the stove looks wonderful after a thorough scrubbing) including mucking out some of the kitchen drawers that were so stuffed it was hard to find what we needed. Tom should be pleasantly surprised upon his return. 

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