Monday, April 10, 2017

Steve and I spent over 3 hours yesterday packing up Nancy's fabric (there's a LOT of it, and I found plenty to admire as I was packing it up), quilting books and patterns, stacks of gorgeous quilts, and various tools.  There are still odds and ends for him to gather together, but we sure packed up a mammoth amount of stuff.  As a thank you for all my help, he gifted me one of Nancy's quilts that I have admired for years.  I expect <g> to buy' some' of her beautiful bright fabrics, and also hope to buy some of the other quilts; depends on how hot and heavy the bidding is.

The next issue was when and how we were going to get all those cartons and tubs from his house to the church because there's no way it will fit into our two cars, plus storing it there is tricky.  My original hope was that Tom could hook up the trailer the day before and we'd load everything onto it, store it overnight out back, and then on Wednesday bring it to the church - but if he gets the okay from the cardiologist on Thursday he hopes to take off for the fishing trip to Rich's place in Rocky Point; that had to be postponed when the failed stress test and the order for the stent procedure came up.  He expects to return on that Tuesday, but obviously things can happen (and do, with alarming regularity...) I was afraid to count on his return that day so worked on figuring out a Plan B.

I spent a fair amount of time on the phone (we did not have internet - see next paragraph) and this morning worked out a solution.  One of our newer members, another Nancy, is a member of the church and has the key.  She will be able to let us in that Tuesday after Steve gets home from work.  Luckily his house is only a few miles from the church, so even if we have to make a whole bunch of trips (depends on how many vehicles and warm bodies I can corral) it will still be do-able. (And of course if Tom IS back and we can load up the trailer, it would only be 1 trip.) We are inviting the ladies from Foothills and Daisy Mountain to the big sale the next day.

When I got home after yesterday's pack-a-thon, Tom said the internet was out.  After he tried everything he knew he eventually called COX - and it turned out there was an outage in our area.  Which was really 'good' news, because it meant it wasn't our problem to solve, but theirs!  They thought it would be back up and running by early evening, so when we still didn't have it by noon today I called back.  The outage had been fixed, and Tom simply needed to reboot the modem.

We definitely miss Tyga since he moved to his new house yesterday - but it's nice for Aja to be so close to work, only 5 minutes, rather than having a 45-minute commute each way.  Instead of spending the couple of hours between her double shifts driving back and forth, with just enough time to grab a quick shower and a fast bite to eat, she actually had time to relax between shifts.  What a concept!

I was going to swing by Patti's library branch today to pick up some things that came in for her - but I cannot find her library card.  It should be in the console of my car from my last pick up for her, but it isn't.  I do keep telling her that good help is hard to find...

The good news is that Patti continues to feel pretty good these days, and happily the lower-dose pain pills (that she started yesterday when the heavy-duty ones ran out) seem to be handling things okay.

 So instead of going all the way to the Fry's next to the library I headed over to the WalMart down the street for matzoh (and the rest of the things on the shopping list, plus a couple of things for Patti.)  I ended up finding everything but matzoh, which of course was my main reason for going to the store; while they still have the "kosher" sign up in that aisle, it is now the gluten-free food section.  After checking with a couple of employees I learned that they 86-ed the Jewish food section a few weeks ago.  I'm not doing a seder tonight, but it would be nice to have matzoh.  Guess I'll have to stop at a real store tomorrow on my way home from the gym.

Alex has returned from working Country Thunder, and had a great time.  He did bring home an incredible amount of food.  Apparently Rockstar was hosting some big event and they over bought (they spent $4,000 at Costco!) partly because some of the big shots did not show up.  Sadly he could only fit so much in his car, and the bulk of what was left was thrown away! He's off again in a few days to a concert in California, but should (!) be home in time to help us load and unload Nancy's quilting goodies next Tuesday. 

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