Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jeff and Leslie stopped by last evening to take a tour of the museum, and were 'properly' impressed. Of course that was only fair since we were impressed with Jeff's photos.

This morning I found my necklace in the bed.  Of course I'm relieved that it fell off at home instead of when I was out and about... but since I just paid to have the clasp replaced it seems to me I shouldn't have to worry about it falling off for quite a while.  The jeweler is not open on Mondays so I'll have to wait until Tuesday to take it in and voice my displeasure.

Plans for today included wrapping some gifts and packing up some others to mail (all of which I actually have accomplished) and continuing to work on others, which hasn't happened yet.  

I did get a number of phone calls made, and a little (okay, 'maybe' more than a little....) reading done.  Yesterday I gave up on The Matriarch, and today I started a new book.

Lately we've been watching steady stream of leaves falling from the cottonwoods, and this afternoon Tom went out and did some raking.  He had no trouble filling both cans (pick up is tomorrow), though barely making a dent in the leaf population.  It wouldn't really matter how quickly we get rid of them except that the leaves 'tend' to blow into the pool, and clog up Creepy and the filters.

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