Monday, December 14, 2015

Checking up on Colleen this morning (she'd been 'threatening' to go to Urgent Care all last week since she can't get in to see her pulmonologist for 3 weeks...!) and it turns out that she's been admitted to the hospital.  I don't have any details yet, though I'm guessing her oxygen levels were in the basement. She texted that she'll call me later, so I'll know more then.  I pretty much take breathing for granted (there's always something to be grateful for!) but have been discovering more and more friends who can't.    

It's always sad when people ignore our No Burn Days - there's a reason for them, folks! I argued in vain last winter when a friend insisted on lighting her fire (despite the ban!) just because she wanted one, seemingly not caring about contributing to poor air quality. 

Woke up to rain this morning (eternally grateful that that's the form our precipitation takes this time of year!) and in Flagstaff that meant a bunch of snow. 

 Of course it's great for the skiers and snowboarders -  

though not so much for drivers!

I dealt with snow growing up, and shoveled my fair share.  

It's pretty to look at, but I never want to deal with it again - 
and apparently these folks feel the same way...

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