Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It was a productive visit to the chiropractor this afternoon.  First he got all my vertebrae lined up (what a great feeling - now if I can just stay aligned!) and then he did some acupunture for my thumb, which seems to have helped a lot.  Of course the true test will be to see how long it lasts. Hopefully my hand will remain this pain-free until surgery next month.

Cheri was in town today and dropped off The Martriarch (at which point I gave her back The Wright Brothers) since she doesn't expect to be able to dive into the book until after Christmas.  So that gives me plenty of time to read it and get it back to her without feeling rushed.

Alex and Aja joined me for candles tonight, when he gave me the Fuck Cancer t-shirt he's been promising (one of the other guys in his crew is a distributor) and a happy penguin sweater I can wear to tomorrow's holiday party for Foothills.  In today's mail I also got my Chanukah gift from Mom (a very generous check) and another from Andy & Sandy (a wide assortment of frozen goodies from Omaha Steaks.) Just another 'reminder' that I need to finish up my gifts so I can then send them off to various family members... though sadly my gifts to them will not arrive in time for Chanukah.

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