Friday, December 4, 2015

At the gym this morning Jim put me through a series of exercises that should help my unhappy hip joint - and which (bonus!) I can continue at home.We were both on the lookout for any movement that actually hurt me since neither of us wanted to go there, but it was surprising (to me, anyway) when that didn't happen.  I keep saying he knows his stuff, and this merely confirmed that.  Afterward I got on the elliptical for some aerobic exercise, only to find that the way I've been doing it (flat-footed) is wrong, and makes it harder on the lower back.

On the way home I made a detour to the library so I could pick up Rosa Parks - and was confused to find the parking lot empty.  My first (fleeting) thought was that it was Monday (the other day I go to the gym) but was pretty sure today is Friday.  

A sign on the door said that they were closed today for staff training. 
Obviously it's no real biggie, but still annoying.

Alex got bad news on his car - turns out it needs a new transmission, and that's definitely not a cheap fix.  He was looking forward to having some money to sock away once he gets paid from his latest tour, but unfortunately it looks like that's not going to happen.  I feel badly for him; seems like he's had consistently bad luck with his vehicles.

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