Monday, December 28, 2015

I was surprised when Jim wasn't at the gym this afternoon. It turned out that for some reason he didn't have my standing Monday session on his calendar.  So instead I spent the time on the elliptical, and was pleased to see my heart rate stay fairly low.  

Then I headed over to Wanda's because she had asked me for some help on the computer. (Tom rolled his eyes about that!)  However it turned out to be very productive, and she said I had helped her a lot.

During the couple of hours I was there, my cellphone (which usually goes days, if not weeks, without a call) rang 3 times.  First was Alex, then Cheri, and lastly Colleen.  Guess  I'm popular today - and I came home with more fudge!  

I had time for another soak before Tom, Alex and I went out for dinner, and once home again watched Jeopardy.  Now I'm yawning from my lack of sleep last night, and feel ready to crawl into bed even though it's only 8:00.  Don't expect to read very long tonight...

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