Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I got a little more sewing done, and made a trip to the library, before I headed to the chiropractor. On the way home from my 'tune-up' (I wasn't that much out of alignment, and also got clear instructions of 'permitted' and 'forbidden' sleeping positions, which I will work at making into a habit) I stopped at WinCo to pick up a turkey and a few other items.  Spent time in the check-out line talking with Lily, whose mom was in line ahead of me.  Three-year-olds are fun to talk to.

When I got home Richard was finishing up today's repairs on the hot tub (he had to replace more things than we had originally thought.) Once the glue sets (tomorrow) we can fill up the tub and turn it on!  He is still concerned about other possible leaks, so once it's up and running he wants to check it out again.  But with a little luck I could be soaking soon!

Sooner would be better than later.... but I'll take what I can get!

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