Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Another "morning" when I was up at 3:30. When I was still awake at 4:30 I turned on the light and read for awhile, though eventually (thankfully!) was able to fall back asleep for a while. After I got up I spent a lazy morning until it was time to head off to the Foothills party luncheon at 11:00.  

I never did whip up anything from the 3 coordinated fat quarters I took home after last year's game (even though they sat on my quilting table all year, staring at me....) but enjoyed seeing all the creative things the other ladies made, as well as the lovely placemats many made for that exchange.  We had a good turnout, filling five round tables, but despite everyone pre-ordering (from a list of just 4 choices) Iron Works was woefully unprepared.  I was the last to get served - half an hour (!) after the first meals started dribbling out.  To call the service slow would be an understatement!

Laura loved her penguin blocks (no surprise, since she'd told me last year when I got mine that she would love the same ones) 

Sharon brought her finished quilt, made from the cardinal blocks I designed the year before. Which 'reminds' me...I really need to get to work again on my penguins.

Overall it was a fun time, though I did get some sad news from a friend via text as the party was winding down.  What is it with me and bad news on the day of the Foothills party?

Richard is coming over tomorrow to repair the hot tub before we get irrigation in the late afternoon.  (When I spoke with him this morning he was planning on Friday morning... except the yard surrounding the hot tub will be under water by then!)  Tom had to drain the tub today in preparation, so the yard got a pre-irrigation soaking.  As usual, there is a chance of rain the day after irrigation... right on "schedule".

  Our weather is supposed to get chilly this weekend (highs only in the 60s) and then downright cold the beginning of the week (only in the 50s!), so it sure would be nice to be able to warm up my core in the hot tub.  Will just have to see how it goes.  

In other 'news', my temperature gadgets have reappeared on the side of the computer, so I can see at a glance what currents temps are this evening in Silver Spring (36), Kerrville (74), and Palo Alto (61).

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