Monday, December 28, 2015

It was only 39 degrees out when I 'trekked' across the yard to the hot tub, barefoot, so the water really felt delicious on my popsicle toes. 

Once again I could really relate to this song, which I first heard sung by Steve Goodman when he performed with John Prine at the Celebrity Theater, an intimate theater-in-the-round, in the 70s.  

What an incredible concert that was!!!

You can read more about this amazing song writer here:

This was my view of the (still almost full) setting moon this morning out the front of the tub, 
taken with the (very basic) camera on my dumb phone.

While soaking I listened to a very interesting segment on the roots of a cancer treatment (the one credited for curing Jimmy Carter) from more than a century ago.  I learn SO much from listening to that station!

Now it's time to work on Gail's leaves, which (in theory, anyway...) 
really shouldn't take that long...

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