Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yesterday Wanda called, and I found out about her recent fall.  Heading to a party, she got a nasty cut on her leg when she mis-stepped off of a curb.  Despite her self-doctoring it decided not to heal, so she ended up on an IV with antibiotics.  Now she's being 'forced' to take it easy, and sit with her leg up.  Wanda's another one who rarely takes it easy, so her two cats are really loving the lap of this new sedentary person living in their house!

Instead of sewing yesterday afternoon when I got back from the gym, I instead rewarded myself by diving into my new Zentangle book.  So many talented artists and wonderful ideas.  For a brief moment I thought about getting a beginner's kit to play with during my enforced recuperation next month - except that it will be my writing/drawing hand out of commission, so that won't work!

Obviously I will be 'forced' <GGG> to spend time curled up 
with LOTS of books....could be worse, right?

"May" also spend some time watching movies.  Since the latest TIME magazine listed their ideas as to the top movies for 2015 I have lots of films to add to my Netflix list.  (Many I'd never even heard of!)

We had an enjoyable dinner at Valle Luna with Alex and Aja last night.  (The restaurant was emptier than we'd EVER seen it - though we certainly had no complaints about that!)  

Heard some more details of Alex's snowboarding trip to Mammoth, and found out that one day the guys couldn't even hit the slopes because of 50-70 mph winds! 

The day that they did snowboard he said the weather conditions were perfect (sure looked cold to me, though, since they were all bundled up.) Yet on that 'perfect' day the slopes were "empty", so they never had to wait in any lines to get on the lifts.

  One night the guys had steak dinners that were the "best they'd ever had".  Dinner that night was on Rockstar's tab, but even though it was pricey he definitely plans to eat there (steak, of course) and shell out his own money the "next time" he's at Mammoth.

Now it's time to get to sewing before I have to head off to the chiropractor.  And MAYBE by the time I return the hot tub will be repaired, and even starting to refill?  

  I can also swing by the library today to return my stack of books, and (more importantly) pick up the ones that are waiting for me.  Have I mentioned <g> that I really hate that my branch is closed on Sundays and Mondays?  

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