Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friday I worked out at the gym, and made arrangements for next week.  I won't be able to make it on Monday, and Friday the gym will be closed - so I have signed up for a Wednesday slot.  On the way home from the gym I swung by the post office (it's so close to the gym) and since there were spots in the parking lot I took a chance.  There were long lines at both self-serve kiosks (that had been Plan A) but since all 5 or 6 windows were being manned I took a chance - and about 10 minutes later my package was on its way to Mom.  Next was a quick stop at the library to drop off two books and pick up four (Tom was surprised that a book he had asked me to get just a couple of days ago had already arrived), and then home for a quick lunch.

I arrived about 15 minutes early to pick up my orthotics, and Mark was able to take me 5 minutes later, so I was actually running ahead of schedule. Which was good, because I wasn't sure when Colleen would be stopping by with the kids, who wanted to visit Pokey.  Unfortunately Pokey retired for the evening about 5 minutes before they arrived around 4-ish (they'd had to make a stop for fast food because Gracie's school party had not included pizza which meant she'd had no lunch before she went to her after school program.)  Somehow we managed to keep the kids entertained even without Pokey's help.  They always ask about swimming, and yesterday was no exception.  Which is pretty funny since Gracie complained about the cold water when she went to wash her hands (the hot water didn't kick in soon enough for her.)

My orthotics seem to fit fine, and I don't anticipate any difficulties getting used to them.  I'm supposed to start out with just a couple of hours, and work up to the whole day within a week.  Should be a piece of cake!

Because my first heat setting for the hot tub as a tad hotter than I needed (I couldn't soak indefinitely) I "kissed" the dial to lower it a degree of two.  The next time I went to soak it was almost 10 degrees cooler, which is NOT good.  So I gave it another kiss up, but this morning when I went out (I waited for first light), anticipating a long soak, it still hadn't warmed up ANY  So I still can't soak.  VERY disappointing - and wonder what the issue is?

This morning I've (finally) mopped the kitchen floor (which needed it badly), and in a few minutes am off to the grocery store for a few items.  I still need to devil the eggs (before Jeannie's party this evening) and then hope to accompany Colleen to the new quilt store (she hasn't been yet) to pick up a couple of small coordinating fabrics for Andy and Sandy's gifts.  Don't have to head to the airport to pick up Bekkah until around 3:00, so I might even squeeze in some sewing today.

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