Sunday, December 6, 2015

Patti stopped by yesterday afternoon to give my hair a trim and a little shaping.  I've been letting it grow out since the summer now that it's straight again.   It definitely needed some TLC, but Patti was out of commission for quite a while with her broken hand.  Just by having her cut the very back a little and evening up the sides it looks much, much better!

Today I brought Carol over to Colleen's for a day of " sewing" and gabbing.  The three of us had a great time, and I did get some things accomplished... just not nearly as much as I need to!  

On the bright side, I'm moving around much better and am able to stand up straight (YAY!), with 'only' an ache in my back rather than real pain... plus my hand is cooperating better with most things. 

Speaking of the bright side, I can't say that about today's sky.  It's been overcast all day, so I'm wondering if I'll be able to spot the International Space Station when it flies overhead in about an hour.  I've only seen it once (and that time Mom actually spotted it first) and I'd love to see it again.  Pretty amazing when you think of what it represents!  Of course my mind has been on aviation lately because I've been immersed in The Wright Brothers (could even finish it this evening.)

My penguin menorah is ready for tonight!

Otherwise, I'm more than a little behind.... I'm WAY behind!

Just need to keep this in mind:

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