Thursday, December 17, 2015

Carol and I had a lovely outing today, despite taking 'the long way around the barn'. But we didn't mind taking the 'scenic route' - and of course there were no men there to give us a hard time.  <g>

Along with all of Pennie's decorations (and she really has a LOT!) we enjoyed seeing all the projects that the ladies were working on; I especially loved the batik Bargello.  We also got to visit with 10-week-old Jordyn, who is lucky to have so many "grandmothers" there to dote on her. Each one has chosen her own special name - but as yet there is no 'Bana'.) 

One of the ladies had brought gift bags for everyone, and Carol and I were included, which was very nice of her.  We stayed through lunch and then headed back toward town.  I bailed off the Loop 101 at Bell so we could stop at the Low Vision store. Carol has poor vision due to macular degeneration, and she has been  hoping to find some clip-on magnifiers for her glasses so her hands can be free to sew/knit/crochet.  Unfortunately none of them (they go up to 5X) seemed to help.  She did leave there with a magnifier (like Mom used to use) which hangs from her neck and braces on her chest. I hope it works for Carol.

By the time I got home it was almost 3:30 and I was tired - but since the hot tub was up to a perfect temperature I got to have my first soak of the season.  It was MAH-VALOUS, Dahling!

Alex and Aja harvested tangelos from across the street (Dick and Joy don't really enjoy them!) and then squeezed up several containers of juice, one of which is now resting happily in our frig.  My guess is that it won't last long...

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