Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The woman who was supposed to do the program at quilting today wasn't there, so instead I regaled the ladies with The Cremation of Sam McGee. Considering how cold it's been (and continues to be!) it was deemed entirely appropriate!  I was bundled up, wearing the snuggly flannel jacket that Sharon made (and yes, people continue to ask me if I made it.... LOL!)

I was touched that several of the ladies had Chanukah gifts for me today.  Sharon had covered a small tin and turned it into a delightful carrier for little items with a pin cushion on top.  Louise found the M&M tin she knew I'd been looking for. It's only available during this season, though I've never seen one - and have kept my eyes out ever since she brought hers to a Sew Day years ago.  And though I would have settled for an empty tin (I'm always on the lookout for them at yard sales, swap meets, antique stores, etc.), this one is new and actually filled with the M&Ms!

Life is good! 

I left the meeting before the end of Show & Tell (I was not the only one who brought in gifts that still need binding before they can be sent off!) so I could grab a bite to eat before my appointment, and just finished my leftovers from last night's dinner at Carrabba's.  I checked to see if the hot tub was filled (it is) and then how warm it is.  It isn't.... because there doesn't seem to be any power to the tub; the light and the jets won't turn on.  Suffice to say that I am quite discouraged at this point...

Just called Richard, and he's going to try to swing by tonight 
after he finishes up today's scheduled appointments.

Now zooming off for my mammogram.

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