Thursday, December 10, 2015

A while back Judy sent an e-mail to the Foothills ladies offering a Father Christmas kit to the first respondee. I wrote back and told her that in the unlikely event no one else claimed it, I had a crafty friend who would appreciate it. Yesterday at the luncheon she gave me the box since no one else had wanted it! Today I gave it to Colleen, who liked it (it's going to be gorgeous) and after looking at the instructions said it didn't look too hard. Anna, 5 years old, thought that Colleen was going to whip it up right then and there.  When Colleen told her that she wasn't going to get it done for this Christmas "unless she got a revelation", Anna responded "and thread."  Made us laugh!

got to admire her new van, which is very spiffy. And you should see where they hid the CD player... I never would have found it!

In the good news department I got a fair amount of sewing done today, and made substantial progress on one of the gifts. In the bad news department, the hot tub repairman never showed up.  Now the yard is under water, so he won't be able to work on it until next week.

Tom baked some grouper for dinner that Rich caught down in Rocky Point, and it was sure yummy! Then I worked on a baby bib while we watched the Cardinals play (and win) on Thursday Night Football.

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