Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lazy morning, and then around noon I made trip to Winco in preparation for tonight's goodies.  Yes the store was crowded, but the biggest bummer was that I thought my car had been stolen when I came outside!  I did pay attention to where I parked, but still had great difficulty locating it.  Stress, anyone?

We'll be having dinner up the street at Jeannie's with a couple of other couples (I'm in charge of appetizers and dessert) and then it's an evening of Mexican Train.  As for actually ringing in the new year, who knows if I'll make it to midnight....   

Irrigation is due any second, so I've just finished my last soak until things dry out in a few days.  Of course we are expecting precipitation in a few days... but at least it'll be rain and not snow! 

Now I guess I'd better start working on my bruschetta for tonight... 
could take longer to make than I think!

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