Saturday, December 12, 2015

I got in to see the orthotic guy today, and he cast my feet.  Incredibly I'll have my new (affordable!) orthotics on Friday, which is pretty fast service! (Mark's lab is one of only 13 in the country that has the top-notch seal of approval, though I forget what it's called.)  He also approved of the shoes I got at the Runner's Den, which made me happy.

Then I picked up soup/sandwich/salad at Wildflower, and took them over to Colleen's to share for lunch.  She's been having trouble all week with her breathing (as have Nyla, and Amy, and everyone else with asthma issues) and was happy to have lunch delivered.  We sat and chatted away the afternoon. 

Back home Tom showed me the photos of his fire obsidian that he got today from Jeff.  They really turned out quite amazing considering how difficult it is to capture all the brilliance unless the stone is moving.  Of course like most art, they look even better "up close and personal", but this is still an impressive shot of a 41 carat stone.

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