Saturday, December 12, 2015

Yesterday I did upper body at the gym with Jim (which 'possibly' explains my soreness this morning.)  I have graduated to some new machines, and with one exception was able to manage them all.  In fact Jim would expect me to do a set of 6, or 8, and most times I managed sets of 10.   He also gave me the name of the orthotic lab he recommends (the same one that handles the professional baseball players who do their Spring Training here!) and got me a deal.  I'll call the guy today.

Lunch was the leftover grouper (I ate it cold, right out of the frig, and it was still yummy!), and then Linda came by for a few hours to visit.  We had a great chat, and she gave me a wonderful suggestion for quilting the placemat I was stuck on.  I also turned over 3 (!) bulky Foothills notebooks I 'discovered' when organizing my quilting stuff since she will once again be the Foothills Chairperson for this coming year.  My pile of stuff to get rid of continues to shrink!  

After she left I did some sewing (I'm very happy with the way the placemat turned out) and a little cross-stitching.  Tom commented that it's taking me a long time to make the bib - but only because my left thumb (which really doesn't have much of a job since I sew with my right) only lets me work in brief spurts.  I'll see the proud grandmother in a week, so that's my deadline.  

Last night we watched a movie The Number 23 (with Jim Carrey) which neither one of us had heard of, and it held our interest.  Definitely not his usual comedy.  

It didn't end until 11:00, and then of course I read for a while, 
so I was thrilled to sleep in this morning until 8:00!

Tom just this minute got 'the' call from Jeff, the world-famous gem photographer who has been working on shots of his newest love, the fire obsidian.  The photos are at last finished and ready to be picked up.  I am looking forward to seeing how he captured their essence, but 'probably' <g> not as anxious as Tom. This means Tom will now be able to send off his article to the British gemology magazine, which is including it in their upcoming issue - just in time for the big Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

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