Monday, December 7, 2015

This morning I had my blood drawn, which took 3 pokes and lots of under-the-skin wiggles, so it's a good thing I have no problems with any of it.  Then they did my EKG, after which the tech said it looked normal to her. I had given Jim a heads up that I might be late to the gym today since I have no control over the promptness at the doc's office, but I still made it to the gym on time.  In fact I slid right into an earlier slot that had opened up.  Doing my cardio was more fun with music to listen to on the mini-iPad... though I had really wanted to listen to a podcast.  Not sure why it wouldn't let me, but regardless it was no real surprise to me.

The carpenter is here cutting into the gazebo for access to the bottom of the hot tub so Richard can repair it.  Not sure when that will happen, but hoping to have hot water to soak in sooner rather than later!

This afternoon I called Runner's Den about an issue with my new shoes.  My 'collapsed' right foot has felt a little contrained in the shoes (width-wise) and by today I seem to be starting a blister on my 4th toe.  After talking to Ron, the manager, I don't forsee any issues with exchanging them, though it does mean another schlep all the way down there tomorrow.

Another phone call to Urgent Care took care of the confusion regarding a duplicate payment for Alex's visit.  I paid the bill that came in the mail in November (as I did with all of his bills while he was on tour) but at some point he had put it on his credit card.  Bottom line is they cashed my check but then credited his account, so he does actually owe me that $ after all.

Have started a book called The Wild Girl, which chronicles the love between Wilhelm Grimm (of the fairytale brothers) and Dortchen Wild, who is credited with actually introducing him to many of the old stories.

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