Monday, December 21, 2015

Yesterday was a full day.  Bekkah and I got in a soak in the morning to start our day (though the hot tub is still not acting right) before we put in a full day at the MIM until they closed at 5:00.  Like everyone else who visits for the first time - myself included - she didn't expect much from a "musical instrument museum"... but (like everyone else) she was wowed.  

There were all sorts of extras going on, including a holiday concert outside the restaurant, and we had a delightful day.  But all those hours standing/walking on the hard floor took a toll on my back, and I was extremely glad to pop back into the tub as soon as we got home.  Alex and Aja joined us for dinner, and though the sauce had been simmering all day since I got everything in the crock pot that morning, he did the garlic bread, salad, and pasta while I stretched out on the couch.  

Then we all watched the Cardinals win yet another game, in large part due to Aja's neighbor rookie Dave Johnson who made several touchdowns.  During half time Bekkah and I took another soak, when I introduced her to Sam McGee.  I was asleep before 10:00, never got up during the night, and slept until 8:00 this morning! 

  Oh yeah?!

So I am ready for our trip to Sedona today, 
which will no doubt also impress Bekkah. 

Too bad she doesn't have time for a trip to the Grand Canyon this visit - photos just can never do it justice - but there's always next time.

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