Monday, December 14, 2015

My original plan (hah!) was to get all my gifts made, wrapped, and packaged so I would only have to make one trip to the post office.  Unfortunately, as it has become abundantly clear, gifts are going to be (very) late this year... as in Chanukah is already over! But since Mom's was done I thought I would pop over to the post office after my session at the gym and at least get hers sent off. (I didn't find out until later that this Monday was expected to be the busiest day at the post office.)  And guess what?  

That definitely seemed to be the case. When I could not even get into the parking lot I gave up on that idea and just went home.  Sorry, Mom!

While I was gone Alex had arrived home from his snowboarding trip, one tired puppy. Apparently he "didn't get much sleep over the weekend" (which I think translates to virtually none) so he's taking a nap before he takes me up on my invite to go out to dinner with us tonight.

Pokey actually ventured out of her crate today after I opened up the flap. 
Since it's only in the 50s today I wasn't sure if she would.

 However after just a couple of hours she decided it was time to retreat back into her warm cave. I know just how she feels!

Today Tom posted the picture of his fire obsidian on "Cabs and Slabs", and in just a few hours got back over 500 (!) very laudatory comments.  

Colleen just called, and is home from the hospital.  She sounds better, and I'm just hoping that she takes it easy this week.  Not usually her style, but I can hope!

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