Friday, December 4, 2015

Yesterday I spent about an hour at Good Feet where Kevin evaluated my feet and had me try out their inserts.  My right foot's arch has basically collapsed (the imprints of my feet are dramatically different) and the inserts seemed to help. 

However they come with an incredibly hefty price tag, 

So if my insurance covers at least some of the cost of orthotics
I will consider them. 

He did give me a thorough explanation of what kind of shoe I need (and, just as importantly, what not to get) and then I was off to see the 'shoe god' at Runner's Den, (in)conveniently located on 16th St., south of Glendale Ave. Craig reiterated all the same things that Kevin did, and I came home with a new pair of shoes that HOPEFULLY will help the situation.

Last night (while Tom watched what turned out to be a very exciting football game on one TV) I watched the live production of The Wiz (which I had never seen) on the other, and found it an excellent modern adaptation of the classic story.

Our weather has warmed up nicely - in fact yesterday we were closer to the record high than to the average temp for the date - and will be this way for the next few days.  Below is a link to a song about cold and heat.  Some folks will be wishing for a White Christmas.  Me? I'm in the Mr. Heat Miser camp, which starts at around the 1:30 mark.  I agree with him: "I never want to know a day that's under to degrees"!

My back seems to have stabilized to (more or less) the same level of chronic ache that I have dealt with for years, so I am planning to (finally!) head back to the gym today to see what kind of workout Jim can arrange.

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