Sunday, December 27, 2015

Today turned out to be a very nice day - at least out in the direct sun.  Yesterday's 35 mph winds had blown cottonwood and mulberry leaves into the pool, making a mess and clogging up everything. This morning I spent time scooping out all the floaters that virtually carpeted the water's surface, then this afternoon Alex sucked up the water-logged mess of leaves from the bottom of the pool while Tom cleaned out all the filters.  Thanks to the group effort the pool is happy once again.

During this morning's soak in the hot tub I talked with Marilyn, and caught up on all the Kerrville news. Since the water temperature is finally perfect I popped out a couple more times to take additional soaks during the afternoon; during one of them I listened to a very interesting segment on Ravel and his composition of Bolero.  Have I mentioned that I'm SO happy to have the hot tub fully functional again? <g>

While I 'helped' Tom watch football games today (the Carolina Panthers are no longer undefeated, and the Arizona Cardinals scored yet another win, seriously whooping the Green Bay Packers) I finished binding the second gift. YAY! Now once I finish the leaves for Gail's flowers (maybe tomorrow?) I can mail off those presents.

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