Tuesday, December 22, 2015

As I was walking out the door to drive Bekkah to the airport, Tom mentioned that I "might want to check the gas tank after yesterday's trip."  Of course <sigh> at that point I did not have time in my schedule to swing by the gas station... though I could have done it any time in the preceding 4 hours had I been given any sort of advance warning (DUH!) Is anyone surprised that I found the tank on Empty?  Sigh...

At least the indicator wasn't yet on.... that waited until I arrived at the airport to light up.  

Switching the info dial, I discovered that (in theory, anyway) I could still drive 29 miles.  Which should allow me to limp home... unless of course I got caught in some sort of traffic snafu.  Given my lack of gas I figured that had a high probability of happening.  And so the stress began.  

I watched the numbers steadily decline as I drove north, and by the time I got off at our exit and drove the 2 miles to our gas station, I officially had a whopping 7 miles left in my tank.  It was relief to fill up (my car took over 17 gallons) and I did give Tom several demerits once I was home again.

The hot tub repair guy had recently left.  Apparently he had switched wires when he was installing some of the parts, so even though the tub was apparently set to stay on, in actuality it was working off of the timer.  Here's hoping that in the next day or so I can get the temperature setting where I like it.  And the WOE TO ANYONE who messes with the dial! 

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