Thursday, December 24, 2015

Enjoyed yesterday's afternoon and evening with Lisa - 
though she REALLY whomped me at Acey-Deucy. 

 Alex and Aja had to spend the rest of their afternoon apartment hunting for her since there has been Roommate Drama and *sigh* and after only 5 months there she needs to move again.  

We all feel badly for her since moving is never fun. Plus she is already bummed because she could not make it home (to Georgia) for Christmas this year.  Hopefully we can cheer her up tonight, when we've all been invited over to Chas's folks for a festive Christmas Eve dinner with his extended family, and again tomorrow, when we will be opening presents and feasting over here.  

I've started out my morning with a soak.  The water temp was only 
in the mid-90s, so I had to nudge up the dial a hair.  

But at least the tub is getting closer to perfect!

Later today Lisa and I need to make a run to the grocery store (think it'll be mobbed? LOL) because she's in charge of bringing a salad tonight, and I have a few last minute items to get for tomorrow's dinner.  Otherwise, I've got until 4:00 to get some sewing done.  

The good news is that I have made visible progress on Marilyn and Don's gifts   But though those are nearing completion, Marilyn and Don obviously will not be opening them in Texas tomorrow morning.  The bad news is that Andy and Sandy's gifts are even farther behind in the queue since there was a change in plans with regard to those gifts.  Oh well...

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