Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Of course I started off this morning with a splendid soak - and was also happy to see that the hummers have discovered the newly filled feeder in the mulberry just outside the tub.  Good thing, because it was pretty nippy this morning, with serious crunchy frost on the ground.

Last evening Alex invited us to the guest house to see how nice it looks - Aja had cleaned it within an inch of her life, and then given it a woman's touch.  Let's just say it hasn't looked that nice since Bana and Grandpa left!

Patricia is on her way home from visiting Nora, and on FB yesterday shared this pic of her first grandchild showing off my handiwork.  I'm thinking Nora is saying the bib might be tad big at the moment... but no doubt she'll grow into it by the time she really needs it!

Cheri is stopping by this morning to pick up The Matriarch (I'll be curious to hear how far she reads before getting bogged down.) Then I'll be off to the gym (today in place of my usual Friday, when the gym will be closed.)  I expect the gym to start out really crowded in January with everyone making New Year resolutions - but also expect the crowds to thin out fairly quickly. <g> 

Lisa and Chas will joining us for lunch before they fly back to California sometime later in the day.  Alex won't be able to come to the 'party' because he's headed up to Flag for a day of snowboarding.  Judging from all the snow pix folks have been posting the past few days it should be a great day up there for the guys.

Time permitting I hope to make it to the post office sometime today to start the Texas package on its travels. The lines shouldn't be that long this week, right? 

Also need to swing by the library to drop off/pick up books, but thankfully that errand never takes long... as long as the library hasn't confused me by closing on one of their 'open' days!

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