Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Beautiful day in Sedona yesterday, with lots of snow in Oak Creek Canyon.  Too bad the sky wasn't its usual vibrant blue, but the red rocks were still spectacular - and Bekkah was properly impressed!  

Neither Tom nor I knew about the panoramic views from the airport (thank you for cluing us about that, Colleen!) or about the Grill up there, where we had a delicious lunch.  We also had a great view of all the planes taking off and landing (I was surprised at the amount of traffic.)  

The service, however, left a LOT to be desired!  With 2 guys cooking (and only 3 tables of customers because it was getting close to 3:00) it should NOT have taken that long to get our meals.  At least we all left there stuffed, and I even have leftovers for today's lunch!

Once home Bekkah and I soaked again, though the water seemed much warmer than the 100-degree reading on my ducky thermometer so we couldn't stay in that long.  Part of the evening was then spent playing Racko, where all 3 of us 'complained' about the lousy racks we were dealt.

I think Tom tried this when he was shuffling and cards ended up flying everywhere.  As he picked them up off of the floor it was a good opportunity to stash some up his sleeve...

Lazy morning 'planned' for today before we have to head to the airport around 11:30.  This afternoon the plan is to take Aja over to Colleen's to have her 'dress' fitted for alterations.

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