Sunday, December 20, 2015

I behaved myself yesterday at the quilt store with Colleen, where I found the two fat quarters that I needed for Sandy's gift, plus perfect fabric for the binding and backing.  Almost got out of there with just what I went for, though I did splurge and spend a couple of dollars on a fat quarter of ladybugs (because you never know when you'll need those, right?)

My timing to pick up Bekkah at the airport was perfect.  I had just pulled into the cellphone lot, turned off the ignition, and was reaching for my book when Bekkah texted that she had her luggage and was at the curb.  Despite the traffic (on the way there I had noticed that I-10 was jammed in the other direction... rush hour on a Saturday?) so we took the 51 home, and made it back with half an hour to spare before we needed to be at Jeannie's.  Bekkah enjoyed seeing the pix from Jeff & Priscilla's wedding 2 years ago (for some reason she never got them when I sent all of them 2 years ago!)

It was a fun evening of Mexican Train at Jeannie's (with Patricia, Annaliza, Perri, Gina, Wanda, Bonnie) where the food was delicious and plentiful; by the time we'd made a serious dent in the scrumptious array of appetizers, dinner was ready. The wine flowed freely, and those who were partaking had plenty from which to choose. I got a kick out of the napkins, which read I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, but if we run out I'll switch to red wine.  

This was clearly on the agenda last night...

Wanda had brought me brownies and fudge, and Gina had brought gifts for everyone.  I gave Patricia Nora's bib (never did get around to taking a pic of it) which was admired by the ladies, and which she'll deliver when she goes to visit her granddaughter in a few days. I got to see the evidence of Wanda's fall - even after all this time it still looks quite nasty; she really gouged a huge chunk out of her shin.  OUCH!  Wanda did admit that she 'probably' should have gone for stitches in the beginning.

By the end of the evening my back was talking to me (those tall chairs at Jeannie's were not made with short people like me in mind) and also my feet.  Since I wasn't on my feet much (except for the brief stint at the quilt store) I'd worn my orthotics all day instead of just 2-4 hours, partly because they are so comfy that I forgot they were in my shoes.  Today I will be more aware since we'll be walking around the MIM for several hours, so once we get home I'll probably take them out.

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