Monday, November 30, 2015

My turkey soup turned out great, and I grazed on it all afternoon. So did Alex. Then the three of us had it for dinner.  It started out as a huge pot, but now there's probably just one bowlful left!

Today was the fifth day in a row that temps didn't make it out of the 60s. Given the early winter storms elsewhere that we're seeing on the nightly news we really can't complain - except that everyone here has really been feeling the cold. At least I got the hummingbird feeders cleaned and refilled so the little guys will have lots to eat again.

I left a message at the hand surgeon's office this morning but haven't heard back, so I still have no news on a January date. Did, however, get my annual mammogram scheduled for later this month.  

My back gives me the most trouble when I want to lie down; still haven't figured out a transition method to get prone without serious shooting pain. At least once I'm parked (with support under my legs) it's okay. Definitely looking forward to the chiropractor tomorrow!
Did watch a hokey SciFi movie this afternoon (about Bigfoot) but didn't get much sewing done.  

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