Sunday, November 15, 2015

Patti and I had a relaxing day in Wickenburg yesterday at the bluegrass festival.  Donna and Lisa (and Lisa's 6-year-old son Victor) joined us around lunch time.  Hard to believe it's been 40 years (!) since I took care of Lisa and her sisters during that difficult time!  

Here's the selfie Lisa took of the three of us.

In the 36 years that the Wickenburg bluegrass festival has been around, I've only missed two of them (1992 and 2014), and both because I was back in Maryland for family things.  Watching all the kids running around having fun yesterday sure brought back many happy memories of the happy times there with my kids.  Alex always enjoyed the Nickel in the Haystack activity, and he was usually quite successful at it (possibly from all the practice grubbing for arrowheads with Dad?)  Here he is in '98 when her was 7 years old, doing his thing and showing his stuff.

In a bit Linda is swinging by to go through my stack of discarded quilt books, and then we're meeting Nyla at the Wildflower for lunch. Maybe I ought to think about getting dressed?

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