Thursday, November 5, 2015

Too busy having fun yesterday at "Quilt Camp" with Kathy and Brenda, and Cheri and Colleen joined us. Colleen brought along 4-year-old Anna (with her snowflake craft) in the morning, along with surprise bagels and cream cheese, then 'switched' grandkids so we had 3-year-old Harrison in the afternoon.  In the late afternoon Kathy and Brenda and I made a trip down to 35th Ave so Kathy could get some fabric for the quilt she's making.  I was very good - only bought half a yard to make binding for my scrap lizard quilt. 

Yesterday I showed Kathy how to make continuous bias binding, and then how to fold  the corners when attaching it to the front of the quilt.  Today I'll show her how to sew the 2 tails together on the diagonal.  Then I'll save the blind-stitching on the back for Tuesday, when I'm taking Tracy to the chiropractor and will have an hour to kill while she has her initial visit.

It was cold here yesterday (Tom was bundled up in a thermal shirt and a jacket, playing with his new toy out in the shop) so the beef stew that had been simmering in the crock pot all day was the perfect meal.  

Cheri is coming back this morning, and we could work on the flowers.  Colleen hopes to join us again - just never know how the day with the grandkids will go.

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