Sunday, November 15, 2015

Linda liked a lot of my quilt books, so my "stack to get rid of" has diminished.  Definitely a win/win situation!

  Then it was off to lunch at Wildflower.  Nyla was supposed to join us, but unfortunately her asthma was acting up today (apparently it does that on overcast days?) and she couldn't make it.  After a yummy lunch (today's weather definitely called for soup) we stopped in at Jeannie's to admire the cute custom quilt she wanted me to see, and then Linda and Jeannie (who both have Gamils) talked a little long-arm shop.

This afternoon I started watching the Ken Burns PBS series The Roosevelts (I had only caught the last few episodes when it originally aired) while I worked on my binding.  

Not only have have I been learning a lot, but I'm pleased to report that my thumb is behaving (a little) better, so I've made good progress - I'm on the last side of my scrap lizard quilt!

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