Tuesday, November 17, 2015

It's always a good thing to discover I've gone back to sleep after I've first woken up at 4:00.  Today I slept in until 6:00, which is perfectly fine with me.  Surprisingly, while I was deciding whether or not to actually get out of bed, Tom got up for the day. 

Yesterday I had called Luisa to get the time for today's pedicure for Carol.  When Luisa and I spoke on Sunday she was away from the shop and didn't have her work schedule available.  Monday being her day off I waited until 10:00 to call her - and still woke her up, which made me feel terrible. (I always laugh when people call me in the morning, then ask if they woke me up.  I usually wish I was still sleeping then, when usually by the time of their call I've been up for hours!)

I also spoke with Mom yesterday, and got to hear about her wonderful weekend in NY with Suzanne.  They've been friends for well over 80 years, and the only two left of the original seven Bronx Beauties who met when they started school in the early '30s.  Mom is still in good health, but Suzanne has had very serious heart problems all her life, and was "expected" to go first of the seven lifelong friends.  After a couple of the other friends died first, Mom started joking that Suzanne would outlive them all - and she's certainly doing her best!  

I've gotten all sorts of positive replies to my e-mails about my upcoming hand surgery (still 2 months off), and even a phone call yesterday from Anita, who has had the same surgery and sailed right through it.  Everyone agrees it'll be best in the long run, and here are just a few of the many comments that have already arrived: 

When you finally feel better, it will be like Christmas morning!
If you need anything, PLEASE let me know! I'll do anything short of wiping your ass!
This is your chance to spend lots of time reading; make the most of it ;-)
You will have plenty of time to read School while recuperating.
I’m glad to hear you have opted for the surgery. I know it’s a pain (literally) but you will be so much happier in the end.
I'm glad there is a solution. Sounds like there had better be a lot of good books, movies, lunches and walks on the calendar.

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