Monday, November 9, 2015

This morning I took care of a small quilt project, but my archival pen (which I could actually find) was fairly dried up, so I popped over to Colleen's to use hers to sign it.  (Also found the 'missing' rotary pinking blade when I was rummaging in my Tools tub for the pen.)  

I would have stopped in at the jewelers (conveniently located between here and Colleen's) because this morning the clasp on my necklace broke.  Good thing it didn't happen over the weekend when I was out and about in Havasu; I might have lost it!  Then I remembered that they're closed on Mondays, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.  Sure feel naked without it.

After Colleen's I swung by the library to drop off 3 books, which I accomplished.  However I also planned to pick up the books on Hold.... except I forgot that my branch is also closed on Mondays.  Don't these people know that Monday is my Errand Day?

Christina called today, so my niggling  financial issue has been resolved. 

It was a good workout at the gym; I worked up a bit of a sweat beforehand, doing my cardio on the elliptical, but kept my heart rate at a more reasonable number - which I take to mean that I'm getting in better shape.

On my way home I filled up the gas tank.  Yesterday, on my 200 mile drive home from LHC, I got a little over 24 miles/gallon, which is the best number I've seen yet.  Then I popped across the street to pick up a prescription at WalMart.  Now that I'm home I plan to spend some time working on my quilt show pix so I can post them ASAP.

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