Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I got the bathroom whipped into shape this morning, and (while pretty much any attention could only have improved things) I feel confident that it's in good enough shape for just about anyone, notwithstanding a visit from Queen Elizabeth or Martha Stewart.

And speaking of Martha - in case anyone needs reminding that she doesn't live here, let me share one of this morning's kitchen adventures with you.  

First on my food prep list was to make Mom's cranberry jello stuff once Tom retrieved the blender from the back house (where he'd taken it a while back to make Margaritas for the guys.)  Of course he'd 'hidden' the cranberries when he put away the groceries for me on Monday, but once they'd been found I got to work.  After I'd finished blending the ingredients I poured the goop up to the brim of a pretty crystal bowl and found a quiet spot in the frig where (I hope!) nobody will disturb it until it gels. 

After taking apart and washing all the pieces of the blender, my eyes noticed the bag of (unopened) pecans on the counter.  Yes they should have gone in for a few flicks once everything else was well blended, so I rescued the bowl from the frig, put the newly cleaned blender back together, dumped in the contents of the bowl AND the required pecans, etc. etc. etc.

Instead of bulghur wheat tabouli I am making one of the side dishes with gluten free quinoa this year.  No idea how that will turn out, but will report back on that Friday!  The cooked quinoa is resting for a bit, so I'm taking the same opportunity.  I may wait until tomorrow morning during the parade to dice up and add the cilantro, cukes, and tomatoes (making sure I put some aside first without the dreaded tomatoes for Lisa.)

So it's looking like once I devil the eggs and make that last quick trip to the grocery store I could be in really good shape for tomorrow.  

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