Monday, November 2, 2015

I got to the doctor at 7:45 this morning for my 8:00 procedure (as requested), gave them my new insurance info, and then was seen right away. So I actually walked out of there at 8:00.  There has not been instant relief, but with a little luck I hope to be feeling the results of the cortisone injection by tomorrow.  

Since I didn't get a good night's sleep I decided to head over to Winco to grocery shop straight from the doctor's office instead of doing it later in the afternoon, when I expected to fade.  Spent $112 (even though they definitely have the lowest prices) and when I got home Tom was bummed that I hadn't taken the list with me and there were some things he really needed.  So after the gym this afternoon I went back to Winco (basically a block from the gym) and spent another $30.

I had originally planned to get gas on the way home from the gym, but wanted to get the groceries in the frig first.  My gauge was kissing empty, so I doubt I would be able to make the rather lengthy round trip trek to the chiropractor tomorrow. Sure enough, between the house and the gas station (a distance of less than a mile) my Low Fuel indicator lit up, and it took over 16 gallons.

Now I'm going to read - and maybe take a nap.

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