Thursday, November 12, 2015

I love crossing things off of my To Do list, 
and this morning has been very productive!

I called the dentist to reschedule my December appointment for a cleaning/check-up (which conflicted with Bekkah's visit), and the first opening that Melinda mentioned (the end of this month) worked fine for me.

Alex had finally sent me an e-mail with 2 snowboarding items he'd like as his birthday present (yes, his birthday was last month.)  I ordered the boots for his birthday, and figured the pants could be a Chanukah gift.  Except that the company is in Europe, and does not currently ship to the US.

Then it was off to run a few errands.  My letter has now been faxed to NY, I was finally able to pick up a waiting book at the library (I was almost out of time), and picked up a refill at the pharmacy.

 I still have plenty left on my list, which of course is not surprise.  
Who doesn't have a long list?

Think I'll try to take care of a few bills, IF my hand lets me write out a few checks. Then I'll see about making the leaves for Gail's flowers for Marilyn.

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