Wednesday, November 11, 2015

It was a wonderful program at Foothills today with Pat Knoechel (she puts on a great one every year) and then the delicious potluck.  Cheri joined us for the program, but had another commitment and had to skip the potluck... her loss!  We had invited the A-Z Quilters (each year we invite another guild chapter) and they also had a great time.  I was the designated photographer, and as soon as I turned on my camera it said Change Battery; good thing I'd brought along my back up.  (I've learned that lesson at least...)  Then as I took a picture of Pat's  final quilt (and as always she'd brought along dozens to go with her talk) the camera announced that my memory card was full - so I did not get any shots of the potluck.  Afterward Cheri and I helped Pat pack up all her wonderful quilts "just so" (so she'll be ready for her next program), and I also helped clean up after the potluck  All of today's pix have already been loaded onto the computer, but not resized/cropped/flipped yet) 

I made it to the jeweler this afternoon, but won't have my necklace back for a few days because they have to order the barrel clasp.  While I was there I had him check the prongs on my diamond; last time I'd been in he said they were fine, but this time he 'suggested' I replace all of them.  That's a much pricier fix than the necklace clasp, but of course I don't want to lose my grandmother's diamond - and I'll have my ring back by Friday.

A trip to Target got me the hand towels I need to make a holiday gift project (assuming my hand lets me!) and sadly a condolence card for Lucille. As long as I was running errands I figured I'd pick up my books at the library.  But the parking lot was empty - which was when I realized that of course they'd be closed on Veteran's Day. As Colleen said, I'm just not meant to get those books this week!

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