Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Although it would have been nice to start off the day soaking in a nice toasty hot tub, the good news is that I am feeling (marginally) better than when I went to sleep last night, and with a little luck some of that will 'just' be morning stiffness and I'll feel even better throughout the day as that wears off.  It's still too early to actually get stuff done in the kitchen (while Tom still asleep) so once I post this I guess I'll relax on the heating pad and read.  It's a tough job, but hey - someone's gotta do it!

Last night Tom and Gary put a new motor in Tom's old grinder (the 30+YO one he replaced with the pricey 'cadillac' version) so now he'll be able to use one of its attachments for something else. (Yes of course he told me what when he came in last night - but it was my bedtime so hopefully I can be forgiven for forgetting what?) Once he buys that specialty machine (in Quartzsite this winter?) he plans to sell the refurbished 'good-as-new' one.

And in other news....

Not only did Alex's flight leave JFK airport a minute early this morning,
it is expected to land half an hour early!  

Who'd have thunk anything involving travel would be on time today, much less early?  Of course that would be nice for everyone involved, but we'll just have to wait and see if it actually happens!

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