Sunday, November 8, 2015

This morning Tami and I hit the flea market down by the lake, and I was able to resist the various wares.  I did, however, drool over my 'next' hot tub - one with a reclining bench along one side (for me), and 5 seats of various heights along the other three sides.  It was exactly what I would order!

I'm home safe and sound, though there were idiots aplenty on the road.  On I-10 there was a semi ahead of me that was weaving all over the road; not sure if he was drunk, or texting, or 'just' falling asleep, but I sure felt more comfortable once I got up my courage to get by him.  After that I called 911 as I watched him in my rearview mirror continue his erratic behavior. 

While I could give our mile marker location and describe the truck I did not get a license plate number; I was too busy concentrating on getting by him as quickly as possible.  However while I was still on the phone with 911 I saw the truck pull off into a rest stop, so I let them know where to find it.   

Once safely home (after peeing and then saying hello to Tom out in the shop) I got my pix transfered from the camera to the computer.  Of course I still need to resize and flip them before I can post, but Quilt Show pix will be coming, so watch for them. 

In the long hallway leading into the show was the display of the Route 66 quilts (along with a map) that was quite impressive!  I only took pix of 5 (which I have edited so I can post them as a tease), but all of  the many dozens (!) should be viewable via this link.  Enjoy! 

There was also a large display of London Bridge mini-quilts along the back wall (I assume made by the various members of the LHC chapter of AQG) and this pic shows less than half of them!

Here's a closer view of a few of those blocks.

And here's the LHC Row-by-Row block:

 This quilt (sorry for the blurry shot) is going to be raffled off 
at the Balloon Festival this winter.

Hopefully I will get the rest of the pix edited quickly... so it's
 possible my next post will include the rest of the pix from Saturday's show.

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