Saturday, November 7, 2015

We took the 'girls' for a walk this morning after the worst of the coyote danger was over.  At about 10 pounds each they'd be a nice snack, and apparently the coyotes around here are more brazen than ours; Tami says they've been known to snatch a pooch being walked on a leash! We didn't encounter any coyotes, but a big black dog tried to attack them; luckily Tami's neighbor was driving by at just that moment and intervened with her truck.

After Tami got her questions answered at the garden Q&A (held at the beautiful new library here) we had to return to the house before hitting the quilt show because 'someone' had forgotten her camera. (Now that someone will be able to post quilt pix after she returns to Phoenix...)

The quilt show was wonderful - and larger than I had remembered from previous years. In fact we took a break and met Alan for lunch (yummy burgers at Juicy's) then dropped him and his sister Linda at the lake for Chill & Swill (a beer tasting event.) Linda had made nibble necklaces so they would have something to eat while they drank. Tami was thrilled that I was here this weekend and thus saved her from having to attend the beer bash. <g>

After a delicious dinner we watched Why Stop Now, a quirky independent movie that none of us had heard of - but it turned out to be quite enjoyable.

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