Friday, November 6, 2015

My thumb has still not really responded to Monday's cortisone shot like I had expected.  But thanks to Cheri's and Brenda's help yesterday 

the felt bases are now attached to the flowers and the stalks poked through.  Once that was done I was able to super-glue the 'jewels' onto the top of the sticks, and when I return from my weekend in LHC (leaving this afternoon once I get back from the gym) I will cut/sew/attach the felt leaves to the stalks.  I'm getting close, Marilyn!

Jeannie texted me yesterday morning that she had several finished quilts that were being picked up by clients later that day that I should come look at.  So Brenda and I popped up there while Kathy stayed behind to work feverishly to finish cutting out her blocks using Laura's curved template before they had to head back to Yuma.  Of course Jeannie's quilting is always stunning, though I don't always agree with her clients' color choices in the quilt tops.  

This Nutcracker quilt was adorable!  
Now that it's quilted it can get further embellishments, like button eyes, etc.

Thanks to a new filter at the pump (installed a few days ago) the dirt that had been collecting in the bottom of the pool is finally gone, the water is no longer cloudy (it had gotten so bad we often couldn't see the drain at the bottom) - and we are considerably poorer.

But I am rich in friends!  Look what Colleen brought me on Monday (simply because I had kvelled over the horse pillows when she was working on them for the girls.)

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