Tuesday, November 10, 2015

It was a busy morning on the phone trying to help a friend resolve some issues.  Not sure I helped...

Then I left to pick up Tracy.  We had a little time before we had to leave for the doctor, so I got to see her art studio.  (I've always loves all the artwork around her entire house, but this was my first peek to see where a lot of the magic happens.)  AND she let me pick a couple of Betty's quilts to bring home with me.  Life is good!

Tracy was thrilled with how knowledgeable the chiropractor is

and also amazed at how good she felt when she walked out of there.

Of course it'll be an on-going process (she'll be seeing him again next week), but she's headed in the right direction.  After her I also got an adjustment (on a certain level I'm still favoring my right foot, which of course tries to throw everything else off.)  I had brought my scrap lizard quilt to do the blind-stitching of the hem on the back (Stephanie and Daniel, the front office folks, LOVED IT) while I waited for Tracy to have her lengthy new-patient visit, but had to stop sewing after one side because my thumb/hand hurt too much.  And it's not even the hand I sew with - I just support the quilt so the other hand can sew.

When I got home this afternoon I called the doc to report that last Monday's cortisone shot still hasn't given me any pain relief (I did give it a fair chance to kick in) and am currently waiting to hear back about what my next step should be.

Still have to make up my spinach salad dressing for tomorrow's pot luck, and wash/tear the 2 bunches of fresh spinach I picked up on the way home this afternoon.  So I 'may not' <g> get my LHC quilt pix posted until tomorrow... or even Thursday!

I've been thinking about Carolyn in Kansas, wondering how her back problems are doing, and finally sent her an e-mail this morning.  Apparently her MRI was misread 3 months ago; they've been trying to address her pain since then, which of course hasn't helped (!) because it's coming from a compression fracture instead of a bulging disk.  How frustrating to have had to deal with an additional 3 months of pain because of someone's mistake.

She's scheduled for a procedure next week that I've never heard of: a kyphoplasty. That's a procedure in which the doctor makes an incision and a substance is injected into the fracture that acts like cement. It is a 'fairly simple surgery' and she could possibly go home the same day or the next... though back surgery is still back surgery! 

Since it was chilly this morning (the high today wasn't expected to hit 70!) I wore a sweatshirt today.  While it did warm up a little during the early afternoon and I felt a tad over-dressed, it's definitely cooled off again now,in the late afternoon.  We're having a couple of days of 'winter' weather, but should be back in the 80s by the weekend.

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