Saturday, November 28, 2015

Today I slept in until 8:00 (after being up at 3:00 and taking something to go back to sleep.)  Colleen invited me over to sew; Tom loaded my machine into the car at this end, and Colleen unloaded it at hers. There were my usual snafus, and during the afternoon I made two (!) trips back here for additional supplies (good thing we only live 3 miles apart) but at least I made progress on some gifts.

Then we went out to dinner together (Tom and Ken, both geologists, had yet to meet) at "their" Mexican restaurant.  

Tomorrow Colleen will come get me (my car is still at her house since I don't drive after dark) and we will sew some more.  With a little luck I will make substantial progress on my gifts.  So far (and I hope The Universe does not take this as a 'challenge'!) my hand has been cooperating enough to let me get stuff done.  My back is still kvetching, but at least seems to be getting better... although at a slow pace.

Tired - guess it's time to crawl into bed and read.

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