Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I started off at the chiropractor this morning with two gentle adjustments, during each of which I heard/felt multiple vertebrae "crack" apart. Obviously I really jammed everything when I fell Sunday, so am feeling very lucky that I didn't actually break anything!  After some additional checks and adjustments I was attached to the 'tingler' pads (I'm sure it has a real name) which is similar to my TENS unit.  It sure felt good to be stretched out and on heat, and the tingle treatment worked so well that even after I was freed from the sticky pads I still felt the tingles (apparently a very good sign, meaning it got deep into the tissue) for at least another 15 (!) minutes.

Around lunchtime I had my x-rays, cleaning and check-up at the dentist, and everything is fine so I'm good to go for another 6 months in that department.  Mazel Tov to Dr. Ernie, who is getting married this weekend.

In dribs and drabs today I've cleared everything off my quilting table (to provide additional seating on Thursday), dusted off the TV (so the guys can actually see the football games), and also cleaned the stove (which was embarrassingly dirty.)  Of course I made sure to rest frequently, with the ice pack.

Yesterday the hot tub repairman called to apologize, saying he could not get to us today after all (and rescheduled us for next Tuesday) but when I got home from the dentist this afternoon there was a message to call him back. He'd actually swung by here while I was gone, but Tom hadn't heard the doorbell because he was in the shower.  The good news was that Richard was actually going to make it today after all; the bad news is that he never actually did.  He did call back this evening to apologize, and we are back on for next Tuesday.

This afternoon Tom had an appointment with his gastroenterologist, who is retiring the end of next month.  The good news is that Tom's viral load has dropped by 50% this past year; the bad news is that the newest/latest drug regimen to effect an actual cure (95% effective!) is still outrageously expensive, and as a Tier 5 drug only minimally covered by insurance.

After dinner I boiled up a big pot of eggs - tomorrow I will do a lot of my food prep, including deviling those eggs. While they were cooking away I mopped the kitchen floor, which needed it quite badly.  Virtually all of the housework has been in limbo for quite a while, at first while I waited for my cortisone shot appointment which I expected would stop my hand pain; that housework hiatus continued after the shot didn't work.  Of course with company coming on Thursday I have been motivated to do at least the most important areas.

Now it's time to change into jammies and crawl into bed to read.
Tomorrow I have lots to do!

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